View over Heidelberg

The meeting will be held at the Institute of Physics (meeting place) of the Univerity of Heidelberg

In the last years significant progress was made on the development on HV and HR-CMOS sensors in general and on HV-Monolothic Active Pixel Sensors (HV-MAPS) in particular. The use of monolithic chips, which integrate sensor and readout electronics, for example for the 5th pixel layer (and maybe a 6th) of the ITk provides a very promising but challenging alternative to standard hybrid designs. The main interesting features are the low price of CMOS sensors and the simpler fabrication. Therefore we believe it is important to make an attempt to spend one day all together to discuss the level of maturity of this technology and understand what would be needed to be done and on which timescales to have it successfully and reliably in operation in the harsh and challenging HL-LHC environment.

We would like to discuss
  • MAPS designs and related topics
  • readout
  • services
  • mechanics
  • track-trigger
  • layouts
  • physics simulation and performance

In this first meeting in heidelberg we propose that we concentrate on the first three items and just summarise the other four, that will be discussed at length in a second meeting (probably in Geneva on June 24, the day after the ITk layout workshop organised at CERN).

Participants of the workshop (also remote participants connected by Vidyo) are kindly requested to register . Participation is free of charge.